We provide one-of-a-kind tactical equipment with the highest quality and the most advanced security development, offering a complete, integrated, and customized solution for each of our clients.

Protactic has developed a wide variety of qualitative products, covering everything related to tactical equipment, such as uniforms, footwear, hard/soft ballistic equipment, eyewear, among other accessories. Everything is carefully designed to ensure the protection of public safety elements for both individuals and businesses that may be exposed to risk due to their job, wealth, association, dangerous locations, etc.

Together with the most experienced international experts, we have established an integrated, scalable, and unique technological security solution, bringing absolute control when it comes to uniforms, weaponry, ammunition, badges and other accessories.

We also offer an exclusive forgery technology through our full-traceability system, which can identify the intended wearers of uniforms and accessories.

Whether it is about going to the battlefield, answering an emergency call, or keeping a community safe during a natural disaster or war, we will make sure you have the best equipment you need in order to do your job properly while staying safe at all times!