pointProtactic By Point Blank™ / Hard Armor Plate 10260 Level III NIJ 0101.06 Stand Alone


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We offer several types of Hard Armor Plates capable of defeating high-powered Level III & IV rifle rounds either in combination with soft body armor systems or as a stand-alone.  These plates are available in a choice of two shapes (full-size or shooter’s cut), designed to meet your individual needs for comfort and function.  Additional options include the choice of ultra-light polyethylene or ceramic plates which will affect weight and thinness.



Average V50: 3130 fps
Sizes available: 10 "x 12", cut for handle, or 10 "x 12", full size cut
Curvature: Various curves (SAPI / ESAPI)
Construction: Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Thickness: 1.15 "
10 "x 12" Weight: Handle Cutter 3.3 lbs. Full 3.56 lbs.
8 "x 10" Weight: Handle Cutter 2.23 lbs. Full 2.4 lbs.
Also available in 5 "x7", 6 "x6" and 6 "x8"


Average V50: 3130 fps
Bullets Defeated:
• 7.62mm x 51mm (M80)
• 5.56mm x 45mm (M193)