pointProtactic By Point Blank™ / Executive


Ultralight with an exceptionally low profile fit, this specially contoured vest ergonomically fits and allows the user to have optimum protection coverage with maximum maneuverability.

100% NYLON


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•The Ballistic Self-Suspension System includes extensible Breathe-O-Prene® shoulder straps, which connect to the front and rear ballistic panels, ensuring optimum protective coverage.

• Exterior coating with high durability water repellent microfiber (DWR).

• The Dri-Lex® system keeps moisture out of the body and helps keep it dry and comfortable.

• Removable internal strip that helps stabilize ballistic panels.

• It has front and back pockets for Trauma SPEED reduction inserts or 5 “x 8”  or  8 “x 10” BLADE Plates.

•Constructed of durable stretch material that behaves like a second skin, the Executive provides unmatched coverage protection for 24-hour performance.

•QR code with coded information that allows a perfect traceability, thus knowing the history of emission, rank, department and corporation to which belong each of its elements

• Available colors: Black, White, Navy, Tan


Low profile adjustment.
Ultra-concealable design.
Front zip on the left and right sides for easy attachment and removal.
Elastic fabric for a more comfortable fit.
With antimicrobial moisture control.
Concealable ballistic edges.
Available colors: black and white.

Executive Ballistics NIJ 0101.06

Available with NIJ ballistic systems .06 Level IIA, II and IIIA


White, Black