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Point Blank International is specially designed to meet the global needs of a dual-function wearer that incorporates the contoured silhouette of a concealable vest that can also be used externally as a tactical vest.

This extremely versatile body protection system offers optimum fit with instant riot protection by inserting hard protective plates into pockets that are easily accessible at the front and back. The result: maximum protection and total comfort with exceptional value.

100 % NYLON



• Removable ID panels

• Its shape fits into a low-profile vest.

• Internal girdle for better fit.

• Front and back plates included in the outside of the vest

• Shoulder adjustment straps and side opening design with over ballistic position.

• Side opening adjustable from back to front.

• Reinforced fallen man system.

• Additional protective accessories: Neck, Throat, Biceps, Groin protection.

• Available colors: Black, Coyote, Green OD, Green Ranger and Multi-Cam.

•QR code with coded information; That they allow a perfect traceability, knowing thus the history of emission, rank, department and corporation to which belong each of its elements



Top loading plate pocket
Elasticated side closure
Houses ballistic elements with concealable form
Internal girdle for adjustment
Pockets are included in rigid plate for the front and the back of the outer shell
Side opening design with synchronized shoulder straps with ballistic flap
Identification panel joining area on front and back
The shoulder option is designed to add removable ballistic protection or foam fittings depending on the comfort
Side opening that fits from back to front
Reinforced "fallen man" strap
Available colors: Black, coyote, green O.D., green Ranger and multicamuflaje