Jumpable Medical Training Coverage Bag

Protactic we’ve got you covered™ / Jumpable Medical Training Coverage Bag



Universal Medical Pack
Capable of being outloaded to sustain a Mass Casualtiy situation
Modular pack compatible with U.S. Military MOLLE components
Sick call and minor Surgical bags
Expandable section for stowage of personal equipment
Interior hydraytion sleeve ( Bladder not included )
Pre-Rigged for Airborne Operations

100 % NYLON



General Features
• Main compartment: 14" L x 6" W x 19.5" H; 1650 cubic inches
• Padded on the front and back with clam shell zipper design
• Interior pouch and hangars for hydration bladder
• Communication wire/drinking tube access with hook & loop
• Top pocket with mesh zippered front pocket
• Bottom mesh pocket with draw string closure
• Two removable pouches each 12" L x 4" W x 8" H
• Expandable drop down compartment; 675 cubic inches
• Two zippers for access
• Detachable immediate response backpack: 425 cubic inches
• Front pocket: 12" L x 2" W x 16" H.
• Lightweight shoulder straps and a carrying handle
• Double zippered clam shell opening
• Large pocket: 12 L x 2 W x 16 H
• Three open sided pockets: 5 L x 2 W x 5
• One large open sided pocket: 5L x 2W x15
• Mesh zippered pocket: 12 L x 2 W x 8
• Large clam shell pocket: 12 L x 2 W x 8 H
• Inside a mesh 11 L x 1 W x 9 H zippered pouch
• Overall dimensions: 14 L x 8 W x 19 H
• Weight: 8 lbs


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